LePsy Software – What’s New in Version 4

The LePsy software evolves according to our users’ requests. Do not hesitate to send us comments!

Possibility of exporting data after the trial period.

Multi-user software and secure navigation depending on the user’s profile.

Possibility of sending receipts directly by email.

Possibility of taking a consultation out of the consultation count.

Multi-establishment software linking each client to a default establishment.

New section to set the client type.

The assistance program of a client file can be easily deleted.

Possibility of adding documents to the expense management module.

Improved process that stops calculating the age of a client when inactive.

Optimized printing of the receipts for the assistance program.

New module allowing you to manage a waiting list.

Added payment details to the receipt form.

Expense reports: now include the subtotal by category.

Optimized printing forms for expense reports.

Addition of the default duration in the client file.

Adjustment of the telephone number sections.

New process calculating the price of a consultation per minute .

Optimization of the reports and the statistics.

Possibility of adding notes or comments on the receipts printing forms.

Optimized input of the payments for a consultation.

Possibility of including a client’s picture.

Possibility of printing anonymized documents.

Optimization of the data input in the expense management module.

Improved unpaid consultation reports sorting system.

Possibility of choosing between the “letter” and “A4” printing format.

New option to designate “numeric” or “alphanumeric” clients on the file number level.

Optimization of the general notes functionality and improved process to allow text formatting.

Optimization of client identification and addition of pictograms.

Possibility of deactivating colours on the incomplete notes and reports.

Possibility of inserting the client’s signature on personalized forms.

Addition of the consultation time in the quick consultation option of a progress note.

Possibility of selecting receipts to print.

New tag input system allowing users to keep their fingers on the keyboard when entering progress notes. You can use the tab key to go from one tab to another.

Possibility of removing the client’s name from the header.

Optimization of the income and balance calculation.

Anonymization of financial reports.

Optimization of the quick filter in the client list.

New structure displaying birthdays according to the selected month.

Possibility of removing the printing date from receipts.

Possibility of creating a nonexistent client in the minimalist agenda.

New buttons making text formatting easier for consultations and reports.

Possibility of choosing if the file opening date should be printed on the forms.

Optimization of the management of the size of the window.

Possibility of choosing default text templates for initial and subsequent progress notes.

Version optimized for iPads.

Consultation count in the “by type” report.