Practice Management Software for Psychologists and Therapists

Developed in association with psychologists and ethics experts

Designed to meet the ethical requirements regarding record keeping, LePsy is a multilingual software adapted for those who have to monitor their clients’ progress. Being multilingual, the software allows you to print various forms according to your client’s language.
The LePsy software is designed to adapt to your reality… while being very easy to use.
The LePsy software evolves according to its users’ needs. Do not hesitate to let us know us about your specific requests.

Easy to Use

Simplify the way you manage your client files. This software is designed to gather everything you need in one place.



This solution is built with the FileMaker platform. Therefore you can use the software from your Macintosh or Windows computer, and from your iPad.


Pleasant and Elegant

Elegant and easy to use, the graphical interface will simplify your daily management tasks.

You will enjoy using this software!

About the author

It is with great pleasure that I make this record keeping software available to you. Although designed expressly for psychologists, this software is also useful to psychotherapists and all those who must manage their clients according to their professional code of ethics. I am an experienced developer with the FileMaker platform and I built this software with the recommendations of a team of psychologists and experts in business ethics. This is the best of both worlds. I hope you have as much pleasure using this software as I had in designing it!

François Sylvain, INEVCO inc. – custom FileMaker software development

François Sylvain

FileMaker Developer

Quick Overview

Sorry, the videos are only available in French at the moment. However, the LePsy software is bilingual.

Attention to Detail

Everything to Manage Your Activities

  • Client management
  • Progress note management
  • Report management
  • Personalized form management
  • General note management
  • Secured PDF Forms
  • Expense management
  • Waiting list management
  • Financial and statistical management
  • Full and total optimization
  • Adaptation to your reality
  • Email Reminder
  • Multi-user
  • Multi-establishment
  • iPad version
  • Local and cloud-based usage
  • Appointment Recurrence
  • Secure software

Manage Your Progress Notes… Easily!

  • Simple and secure management system.
  • Compliance with the requirements regarding record keeping.
  • Possibility to manage the prejudicial nature of the progress notes.
  • Possibility to insert documents.
  • Optimum efficiency for text formatting.
  • Tool to navigate between tags while keeping your fingers on the keyboard.
  • Text templates.
  • Automatic insertion of text templates in the initial progress note.
  • Automatic insertion of text templates in the follow-up progress notes.
  • Simple and secure management system.
  • Compliance with the requirements regarding record keeping.
  • Possibility to insert documents.
  • Optimum efficiency for text formatting.
  • Tool to navigate between tags while keeping your fingers on the keyboard.
  • Text templates.

Manage Your Reports… Efficiently!

Tutorials that will help you become independent at your own pace

Monthly Subscription

When signing up for a monthly subscription, the amount is automatically charged on your credit card. You can cancel your subscription at any time. The amounts displayed do not include taxes. The monthly fee gives you access to all the licenses required to use the LePsy software. In other words, you don’t have to pay an additional monthly payment for the Claris / FileMaker license. This is included in the monthly rate.


Occasional User

Occasional User Details

The occasional user option is for students and those practising on a part-time basis.

With this subscription, you can:

  • Create 4 clients per month
  • Create 24 progress notes per month
  • Create 4 reports per month

The data is stored locally on your computer.
You are therefore responsible for making backup copies regularly.
Go to the tutorial demonstrating how to make backup copies.


Regular User

Regular User Details

The regular user subscription allows you unlimited uses.

With this subscription, you will be able to create an unlimited number of clients, progress notes and reports.

The data is stored locally on your computer.
You are therefore responsible for making backup copies regularly.

Go to the tutorial demonstrating how to make backup copies.


Cloud User

Cloud User Details

With the cloud, you have all of the functionalities the regular user has and more.

Benefits of the cloud:

  • You can access your data from anywhere.
  • All users can log in and access data simultaneously.
  • Backup copies are automatic.
  • The iPad version, which is only available on the cloud because of backup copies and data protection reasons.

The FileMaker servers that host the LePsy software data are in Beauharnois (Canada) and Roubaix (France). Located in an infrastructure where data security is the priority, these are efficient and secure servers. In addition, SSL encryption ensures the transfer of data between your computer and the server. SSL encryption comes from Sectigo, the world leader in the SSL certificate market.

Contact us to get a quote according to how many users are required.

It is now possible to subscribe to a “Duo” subscription for you and your secretary. This will allow you to access your data at the same time. The rate is CA $ 65 + CA $ 25. Contact me to activate this subscription.


A Modern and Pleasant Look

The LePsy software is designed to meet high quality and security standards.


Emphasis on User Experience

Using the LePsy software is fun and easy, to our clients’ satisfaction!


Enhanced Input Option

With our new tool, you can input progress notes and reports while keeping your hands on the keyboard.



The “Preferences” section will allow you to personalize the software to adjust it to your reality.


Macintosh, Windows and iPad

The LePsy software is optimized for Macintosh and Windows computers, as well as iPads.


Flexibility and Progress

As the software evolves to meet your needs, do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your specific needs!

Data Privacy Policy

Data privacy policy and data ownership.

By using LePsy software, you are the owner of your data. At any time, it is possible to export your data via the functions provided in the software.

If you cancel your subscription, you must export your data using the data export process. By canceling your subscription, the use of the FileMaker license and the LePsy software is no longer permitted.

Compared to other FileMaker solutions, LePsy software is protected by a dual authentication process. The structure of the software is thus protected. Some data is encrypted and only accessible by the user.

The only purpose of hosting data on a server is to give the user access to their data via the computer or via an iPad.

The LePsy software team does not collect data from your LePsy software at any time and for any consideration.

Whatever the reason, the third party or the objective, no data collection is made without the knowledge or not of the user.

In order to protect data following a server failure, backup copies are made several times a day.

The software remains handcrafted software but everything is in place to ensure data protection.

Download – Practice Management Software

You are invited to download a trial version of the LePsy software. With this free trial, you have access to all of the functionalities of the software for 30 days. After the trial period, you will need to sign up for a monthly subscription if you wish to continue using the LePsy software.

Step 1

You must download FileMaker by clicking the button that corresponds to your operating system.

Step 2

You must download LePsy App by clicking on next button.


The data of the trial version and the regular version are on your computer. You must take backup copies regularly. See here . Only the Cloud subscription puts your data on a server. The backup copies are therefore no longer necessary.

Need Help?

Watch the installation tutorial.  You can also contact me for assistance.

Practice management software for psychologists for Macintosh, Windows and iPad


The tutorials did not answer your questions?

You need help?

Contact me – Click here!

Please note that free support is now reserved for subscribers.

Previous Version

Do not hesitate communicating with us your suggestions or comments. The software evolves by users needs.

If you already own a prior version of LePsy Software (1-2-3) and want to upgrade to version 5, you will receive a 50% discount for the first 4 months of the subscription. The importation of your data to the version 5 will trigger your discount.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! LePsy software is built with the FileMaker platform. With each operating system upgrade, Claris strives to provide a version of FileMaker that is compatible with the different operating systems.

Previous versions of the LePsy software were built using the Runtime of FileMaker. This means it was not necessary to have FileMaker on your computer, hence the “single” payment of these versions. Since November 2019, the Runtime is no longer available. Once you have your subscription, you will receive the information required to download and install FileMaker. Available as a monthly subscription, the LePsy software delivers continuity, an optimal performance and continuous updates.

It’s very simple! You just need to copy the “LePsy” directory, like you would copy a photo directory, where you want them to go. An external hard drive, a USB key, or any other secure area are good options to keep backup copies. Because you use a computer to manage your activities, you must make backup copies!

The best way to learn how to use the software is to explore it and try it out! You have a 30-day free trial period to do so. Also, in the “Tutorial” section of this website, you will find several videos uploaded to show you what you can do. If you still have questions, I am always available to personally help you.

Of course! LePsy software was created not only to be easy to use, but also to adapt to every user.

The information simply has to be included in the initial progress note.

When the client is a child, you only need to specify the relevant information in your initial progress note. You can write the names of the parents, the tutor or any other person if the child lives in a blended family. By doing so, we don’t have to enter the information in multiple sections, thus simplifying the process and avoiding any limitations that may arise with a given situation!

The same applies to groups! You can include all of the group’s information in the initial progress note. It will be possible to enter the name of all the participants.

With this method, the software can be fun, flexible and easy to use. No limitations and simplicity, that’s what we are looking for!

The software was created in association with a team of psychologists. Our objective was unanimous and clear: to create a software easy to use to help manage clients while respecting the code of ethics and being flexible to specific needs. We could have included an area for the patient’s history, the genogram and every user’s specific requirements. However, if we would have proceeded this way, the screen would have been filled with options that are incomprehensible for some users and useless for others. So we agreed that this kind of information should be written in the initial progress note, which will hold all the data relevant to your case. In this note, you can attach documents (PDF, Word, etc.) which you can consult by simply clicking on them.

Moreover, we encountered the same problem regarding the management of a child client or a group. It would have been easy enough to fill the screen with input fields for the parents’ information, but it would have required to add two address sections, since the child’s parents may have different addresses. Then the same reality applies to groups. The screen would have been filled with input fields. Respecting all these needs while preserving clarity and flexibility, the solution is to include all this important information in your initial progress note. If your client is a child, you can make a summary of the situation and enter the contact information of both parents. For a group, you can enter the name of every member in this note. This is the best way to solve the problem while preserving the efficiency and simplicity of the software.


But to do so, you have to sign up for the cloud user subscription. The reason is quite simple: data protection! Indeed, the technical difficulty related to backup copies makes the cloud mandatory. This way, the backup copies are automatic and the data is accessible from anywhere.

In addition, the data entered from the iPad is immediately accessible in the “computer” version.


Watch the tutorial videos. You will learn how to create an unlimited number of forms. You can also personalize them, including your consent form.

Of course!

You can create an unlimited number of templates. They will also be available for progress notes and reports.

Version 4 of the LePsy software comes with a new feature: tags. It is now possible to organize your text templates with tags. To go from one tag to another, you can use the tab key.